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275 E Industrial Blvd

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For Training and General CrossFit Questions contact:
Chris Carter
(Owner and Head Coach) at 719-468-0694 or ccarterdevildogg@gmail.com

  • Let Coaches Coach. Remember you are the athlete, not the coach.  Coaching other athletes is not accepted.  When a Coach suggests something, remember that we are here to help you succeed.  We are not picking on you or degrading you by asking you to scale an exercise or weight down.  Our job is to correct form and keep you safe.
  • Leave your Ego at the door.  CrossFit is not about individual effort.  CrossFit is about being part of a team. Don't lift weight that is too heavy or Rx'ing a WOD you can't handle.  If you are unsure, ask a coach.
  • Be Respectful.  Everyone at DDC is here for the same reason, TO BE BETTER!  Remember what it was like when you started.  Help others with their journey.
  • Be Positive.  Do not use words like "I can't" or "I won't." Instead, use words like, "I can" or "I will try."  Getting good at CrossFit takes a long time.  Be patient and enjoy the ride.
  • Give 100%.  Always try your hardest, whether you are RX'D or scaled.  CrossFit does not work if you don't give it your all.
  • Don't Cheat.  Don't be so concerned about someone's time or the weights they lifted on the board that you will sacrifice form or range of motion to beat them.  CrossFit is about your best effort, not about beating everyone else.
  • Be Careful.  CrossFit can cause injuries if not performed correctly.  Going too heavy and having bad form are two of the biggest causes for injury in our sport.  If something doesn't look right or feel right, ask a Coach.  There are always scaling options!!
  • Pay Attention.  When Coaches are going over the WOD, pay attention!  Do not start getting your weights out or chatting in the back.  We will not go over basic information twice.  However, if something doesn't make sense then please ask.
  • No Children Allowed in Workout Area.  It is a safety issue to have children in the workout area during a WOD.  If the children want to participate then have them join one of our kids classes.
  • DDC Reserves the right to Cancel a Membership at anytime.  If you cannot follow these rules then DDC is probably not the place for you to be.